Wholesale Firework Dealer Company

Welcome to Dynomite Fireworks, a leader in wholesale fireworks and distribution. Dynomite is a great resource for retail businesses that want to offer fireworks on the shelves of their stores, tents or kiosks. We also provide fireworks for individuals looking to amass their own jaw-dropping fireworks display.

All across the country, we are a trusted wholesale fireworks dealer for a long list of retailers. These retailers rely on our staff for:

  • The latest and greatest products: It’s important that you offer your customers a selection of fireworks that ensures they will always find what they are looking for when they shop with you.
  • Easy-to-manage ordering process: As your wholesale fireworks distributor, we will make it easy on you in terms of submitting an order. We will then turn around to process, fulfill and ship your order quickly and efficiently.
  • Information on products: Not everyone is a fireworks guru. That’s all right — you can turn to our team for your wholesale fireworks questions. Whether you want to know more about new products or need insight on which products are hot sellers, we can help.

We want to provide you with some literature that shows off our extensive product line. With this growing line of products and a quality service staff to match, you can rest assured that we will be an effective wholesale fireworks dealer.

Make money with fireworks — and Dynomite Fireworks

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about our wholesale fireworks company, then we invite you to ask. We have client service staff members standing by to talk to you.

We’re a family-owned and operated company that has not lost sight of our roots. We are proud to offer wholesale fireworks to help everyone enjoy their celebratory occasions with a serious bang. Let’s light up the sky together!