Dynomite Fireworks 2021 Wholesale Policies and Procedures Summary.
1. Dynomite Fireworks
2. Brothers
3. Firehawk and Mighty Max
4. Magnus, Neon and Mag Value
5. Raccoon
6. Winda and Bright Star

Product Order Placement
1. Product orders can only be placed and processed by using our online service.
Note: To Setup your account go to: ​www.dynomitefireworks.com
2. License and Insurance can be requested by phone, email, or fax
Phone: (417) 935-4080
Email: info@dynomitefireworks.com
Fax: (417) 935-4081

2021 Minimum Order Requirement
1. The minimum purchase for your first product order is $2,500.00
2. This is a one time per season minimum.
3. Note: This does not apply to freight, insurance, or licensing costs. PRODUCT ONLY.

Forms of Accepted Payment & Payment Terms
-In basic terms an ACH allows for bank withdrawal.
Note: Although we will have an ACH on file for every customer, please feel free to pay
using any of our listed forms of payment.

Credit Card
-Orders placed with a credit card must be paid in full at time of order placement
-Payment via credit card will incur an additional 2.5% service charge
-Use of any and all checks must be approved prior to order placement
-Must be mailed by the end of the following business day- sent certified, overnight,
and with a tracking number
-Check must be written for the full balance due
-Check must not be post dated
-Any returned checks will incur an additional charge of $25
Certified Check
-Must be mailed by the end of the following business day- sent certified, overnight,
and with a tracking number
-Check must be written for the full balance due
-Wire payments must be paid in full within 48hrs
-Wire information:
-To apply for credit: A credit application is required.
– A credit limit, if approved, will then be determined.
-Credit may be extended ​ on product only​ from ​March 1st 2021 through June 30th 2021

-For ​existing​ customers: A 20% down payment will be withdrawn from the customer’s
account at time of each order placement. ***
-For ​new​ customers: A 50% down payment will be withdrawn from customer’s
account at time of each order placement
-Payment in ​ full​ will be required once the credit limit has been surpassed.
-Remaining balance must be paid in full by July 6th 2021
-Any balance not paid in full by July 7th 2021 will incur 1.5% ​per month​ interest of total
balance due

Auto Cancellation Fees / Cancelled Order Fees / Change Order Fees
-If customers do not follow the terms listed their order will be subject to auto
cancellation and will incur a 20% auto cancellation fee.
-If customers decide to cancel an order that has been submitted, but has not yet been
shipped, they will incur a 20% restock fee. This is only allowed for ONE order per
customer, per season. Any future cancellations during the season will cause all
additional orders to auto cancel.
-If customers wish to make changes to an order that has already been submitted,
they will incur a 10% change order fee. Change orders will consist of no more than 30%
of the initial order. If changes surpass 30% the order will be treated as a cancelled
-Any changes made to insurance policies within 24 hours will be subject to an
additional $50.00 fee depending on the policy.
-Any orders that have already been shipped are unable to be cancelled or changed in
any way
​ *Any balance owed, including restock fees, check return fees, auto cancel fees etc.
MUST be paid in full prior to placing any future orders. Dynomite Fireworks reserves
the right to automatically withdraw these fees and any other balance owed from the
customer’s account.*

Credit Exclusions- Freight, Licensing, Insurance
1. Freight must be paid in full prior to leaving our warehouse.
2. State Licensing must be paid in full prior to being issued. -AR & OK ONLY
3. Insurance Policy(s) must be paid in full prior to being issued.

Note: Product not shipped or picked up within 7 business days will incur a storage fee of
$15 per pallet, per day.

Shipping Policy.​ Dynomite Fireworks carefully pulls orders to insure that our
customers receive their fireworks in original condition and as ordered. We negotiate
the lowest shipping costs with different freight companies that deliver throughout
the United States.

Shipping Charges
Shipping costs are based on specialty hazmat trucking, shipment weight and
destination so the more an order weighs and/or the farther you are from us, the
more the total freight charge will be. Based on the weight, # of pallets, and
destination zip code, some shipments may qualify for a volume quote. You can
request a freight quote when placing your order. We ship full truck loads, as well as,
less than truck loads (LTL).

Shipping Options
Customers of Dynomite Fireworks can receive or pick up their order in three
different ways:
1. Delivery to a business address .
2. Delivery to a residential address – If you have an office or business on your
residential location it is still deemed as residential.** additional fees apply.
3. Liftgate- this needs to be requested if you do not have a way to get pallets off
the trailer. **additional fees apply.
4. Appointment: If you need a specific time or date please request this option
5. Terminal Pick up- request this option to pick your shipment up at your local
6. Schedule your shipment- you are welcome to contact a freight carrier to
schedule your pick up – please let us know so we are able to prepare the Bill
of Lading for your shipment.
7. Pick-up at Dynomite Fireworks – 885 West Steel Street Seymour, MO 65746.
Picking up the shipment from Dynomite avoids shipping costs all together
and allows our customers to meet face to face with a Dynomite sales
representative. Please note: Orders must be placed in advance online and an
appointment for pick-up must be made at least 24 hours in advance is
necessary for this option.

Delivery Time
Please note that transit times do NOT include the date of shipment, weekends or

Missing or Damaged Goods
Dynomite Fireworks Shipment Inspection Policy:
Do not sign the Bill of Lading until you have thoroughly inspected your shipment for
damage. Dynomite Fireworks is NOT responsible for damages that are not
documented on the Bill of Lading. All damage claims must include a photograph for
proof within 48 hours of receipt. You must notify , Renee’ Kelly of any discrepancies
(overages/shortages) in the shipment within 48 hours of receipt.
Pickup orders must be inspected before departure. Once the order has left
Dynomite Fireworks no claims can be made.
Shipment Tracking
Upon your order being prepared to ship, your sales representative will send you an
email to provide you with the name of the trucking company and tracking #. With
this information you can receive up to date tracking information by using the web
site or toll free telephone number.

Please contact Dynomite Fireworks with any and all questions
before placing an order.

Contact: Anthony Kelly * Renee Kelly * Megan Kelly * Tristan Kelly * Claudia Kelly
Toll Free: 877-746-2642 * Phone: 417-935-4080 OR 417-935-2677 *
Fax: 417-935-4081 EMAIL: info@dynomitefireworks.com
* WEBSITE: www.dynomitefireworks.com
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 717 Seymour, Mo. 65746
Physical Address: 885 West Steel Street Seymour, Mo. 65746